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Cartridge heaters are used within many different industries for effective high temperature precision heating. From plastic injection moulding to immersion tanks, cartridge heaters have been used as a reliable product for many years. Our heaters are made using specially selected ceramic, 80/20 nickel chrome wire and magnesium oxide which all make up the core. Magnesium oxide (MgO) has a high thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity making it the perfect compound to be compressed inside the heater. Nickel chrome wire has a melting point of 1400°C which, in addition to its high conductivity, this makes it the ideal material. High quality stainless steel tube is used for the outer casing and is available in AISI 304/316/321/Incoloy. For maximum efficiency, the heaters are designed to be push fit with a H7 (-0.02 to -0.06mm) diameter tolerance.


High Density cartridge heaters are capable of reaching temperatures of up to 750°C. The nickel chrome wire is spirally wrapped around the ceramic core to maximise heat output.

Low Density cartridge heaters are suitable for temperatures up to 300°C. The internal construction is slightly different to that of the high density heater. The low density heater is made with 2 spirals that run through the ceramic core.

Distributed Wattages – For applications that require a higher or lower heat output along the length of the cartridge heater. We can distribute the heat however you choose; more watts at both ends, more watts at one end, more watts in the middle or more watts at a specific point. Dual voltage heaters can be made so that there can be 2 separate voltages and wattages within the same heater. Dual voltage heaters terminate with 4 leads for simple installation.

Built-In Thermocouples – Often, Cartridge Heaters and Thermocouples are purchased separately to one another. We can however build thermocouples into the heater so they are integral to the finished product. This will help to increase the life of heaters as well as exact temperature accuracy and reduced energy wastage. The built in thermocouples are available as type J or type K. The position of the thermocouple can either be in the middle or opposite the lead end. The latter option can be grounded (which is standard) or ungrounded.

Square Cartridge Heaters – Available at 10x10mm, 12x12mm or 15x15mm. These heaters are of exactly the same in terms of performance as our round (cylindrical) cartridge heaters.

Split Cartridge Heaters – Formed into a ‘U’ shape, split cartridge heaters have been developed to allow easy expansion and retraction which allows them to be removed easily when they are cold. These heaters also have no cold zones so they are heated the full length of the sheath for efficient heat distribution.

Leads and Cables – Our standard lead termination is fibreglass, however, we do have alternative options.

Silicon rubber leads

PTFE leads

Stud terminals

Mounted plugs

Silicon rubber cables

Flexible conduit

Metal armour wire braiding

Nickel pins

Heat resistant sleeving

Fish-spine beaded (steatite) beads

Applications Include:

• Dies (Die Casting)
• Molds (Injection Moulding)
• Platens
• Heat Sealing (Machines)
• Labeling
• Packaging
• Hot Melt Adhesive Machinery

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