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What is an industrial surface heater?

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In industry and manufacturing, some applications require direct heat transfer to another surface. Think about the electric stove at home. It can be a solid, it can be a container, liquid, dry material, medical equipment or other appliances.


The surface heating element is enclosed in a way that transfers heat directly to adjacent objects or surfaces. Some have coil elements for heating. It is often found that a heating element embedded in an aluminum housing can be connected to another surface. Since there is no air or other insulating material between the shell and the surface to be heated, the transmission efficiency is high. This type of result leads to a compact high power density design.

The aluminum housing can be pre-punched and designed for specific applications. The combination of heat sink design can also achieve convection heating and surface heating.


Where will the industrial cartridge heater be used?

A cylindrical heater or an immersion heating element is embedded in a tube or similarly shaped housing, and can be inserted into the container to heat the fluid or material in the container. Consumer applications will be engine oil or water heaters to reduce engine startup in cold weather. The heater is inserted into the water hose or engine block to maintain the temperature of the water or oil. In some cases, it will preheat the liquid before starting the engine.

Industrial cartridge heaters also have the same demand. These heaters can be made of stainless steel or other corrosive metal shells. The diameter and length vary with the application, with a relatively high surface temperature, which conducts heat directly to the liquid or solid in the container.


These types of heating elements are sometimes called tubular heaters, are manufactured as enclosed in a housing, pre-wired, and are usually manufactured by fixing to holes in the container. Look for these heaters as ready-made components. Durable and easy to replace, making them an ideal solution for many applications.

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