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How to choose the material of the electric heating tube heater?

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Which is better, 310s or 840 electric heating tube heater?


I often encounter customers asking which kind of electric heating tube is better. In fact, this question seems easy to answer, but it is not the case. We can provide you with the best material for making tubular electric heaters, but it may not be the best material for you. This article will answer you what is the material of the tubular electric heater?


1. Heat the air


The material of the dry-burning tubular electric heater should be selected according to the working temperature.


If it is not used for a long time, carbon steel materials can be used for testing.


The working temperature is 100-300 degrees, and 304 stainless steel is recommended.


The working temperature is 400-500 degrees, and stainless steel 321 is recommended.


The working temperature is 600-700 degrees, it is recommended to use stainless steel 310S.


If the working temperature is around 700°-800°C, it is recommended to use materials imported from Ingles.


2. When heating liquid


The material of the liquid tubular heater is selected according to the heating medium.


One kind. oil


Oil heating is usually made of 304 stainless steel, but some customers who are used for experiments and pursuing low cost can also use carbon steel.


b. water


Stainless steel 304 is used for heating tap water, and stainless steel 316 is used for drinking water. For turbid river water or water with a lot of impurities, electric heating pipes with anti-scaling coating can be used for heating.


C. Corrosive liquid


Stainless steel 316 can be used for liquids with low alkaline acidity and weak corrosiveness.


It depends on what your tubular electric heater is used for heating. Usually, the shell of the electric heating tube includes Inger 825, 800, 840, SUS310S, 316L, 304, 321, copper tube, aluminum tube, copper-plated iron tube, iron tube, titanium tube, etc.


It is best to use 825, 800 and copper pipes as boiling water, but copper pipes are not resistant to dry burning and cannot be used for food and drinking water. heating.


For dry-burning internal types, SUS304 or 321 are usually used. If the use environment is harsh or the use temperature is too high, it is recommended to use 800 or 310S. Aluminum tubes are usually used on heating plates such as electric kettles, and are mainly used for rapid heat conduction. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to high temperatures. Copper and iron pipes or iron pipes are usually used for casting, die casting or inlaid cast aluminum heaters.

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