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Precautions for the use of liquid heaters

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In our daily lives, there are many tools around to serve us, but we do not know its existence, such as the liquid heater we are going to introduce to you today. This is a heating monomer. It is a heater that uses benzoic acid as a heating agent. Its metal wire can reinforce the refractory fiber layer to a large extent. So how does it work? Xu Yu will answer for you today!

The working principle of the liquid heater is mainly to rely on the coil to provide heat, and the coil outside the heater is wound in a certain order to form a fixed turn. In the entire heat transfer process, our products can ensure that energy is not lost, and the transfer effect is very good. Some heaters are inductive, so even at a lower voltage, we can get a larger current, generate a larger amount of heat, and work efficiency is very high.

Some friends may ask why the product heats up so fast? The reason is that the liquid heater also makes full use of the eddy current heating in the variable magnetic field. It treats the metal surface, and then generates a corresponding current due to electromagnetic induction. . If the metal layer is thick, the current generated can be more fully absorbed, and the metal will heat up faster.

 So what are the precautions when we use the heater in our daily life? Let Xu Yu introduce the relevant content for us.

First, when we use liquid heaters, we must make it clear what the size of the product we need, because we have to completely penetrate this product into the oil, so as to avoid component burnout. And we must use heated oil, otherwise cold oil will corrode the product.

Second, if we use a liquid heater to melt asphalt and paraffin in a solid state, we should lower the voltage. After the solid matter is melted, we will increase the voltage again, which can prevent the power from being too concentrated, otherwise it will only affect the performance of the product.

 Third, you should clean the heater in time during normal use. Once you find that carbon buildup is found on the surface of the tube, you should remove it in time, and then use it again.

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