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Operating temperatures of a Cartridge Heater

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Cartridge heaters can operate at low, medium, and high watt densities. They are designed to withstand a working temperature of up to 1400°F. However, the optimal operating temperature will depend on the application for which you are using the cartridge heater.


It’s also important to note that there are multiple factors, such as the cartridge heater watt density, the tightness of the cartridge inside the hole, and the thermal conductivity of the material being heated, that can impact the actual temperature of an industrial heater and the monitored temperature of a material during the heating cycle. For high temperature applications, such as those above 1000°F, incoloy sheathes are recommended for maximum heat transfer and durability.


It is also important to consider the electrical termination of a cartridge in regard to the operating temperature. When cartridge heaters are used at relatively high temperatures, the electric terminals should either be different than the common high temperature lead wires or the cartridge should be designed in a manner that the temperature around the lead wires is maintained at a lower temperature than the temperature limit of the lead wire.

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