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Putin decided to provide s-300 to Syria

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Russian President vladimir putin spoke by phone with Syrian President bashar al-assad on Thursday about Russia's response to the downing of the il-20 aircraft, including the delivery of an advanced s-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Syria, ria news agency reported, citing the kremlin news agency.

The call was reportedly the first by a Russian and Syrian leader since the plane was shot down.Mr. Putin told Mr. Assad that Russia would implement a series of additional measures to ensure the safety of Russian soldiers in Syria and strengthen Syria's air defense system.Russian defense minister sergei shoigu said Russia believed the measure "" can calm the febrile mind and avoid reckless behavior that poses a threat to Russian servicemen," "ria news agency said.Shoigu said Russia will provide the Syrian air defense force command with its own automatic control system, and will conduct electronic jamming of the airborne radar and communications systems of aircraft attacking Syrian facilities.

The aircraft was shot down.Israel does not share Russia's view that Israel is to blame for the tragedy.Russian presidential press secretary dmitry peskov said the delivery of the s-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Syria was not aimed at a third country, TASS reported Thursday.Russian lawmaker dmitri morozov says Israel must now negotiate with Russia or all aircraft taking off from Israeli airports and entering Syria's air defense zone will be shot down.Israel's ambassador to Russia declined to comment on the Russian decision, the Russian morning post reported Thursday.But Israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman said in April that Israel would destroy Syria if it used its s-300 anti-aircraft missile system against Israel.

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