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Electric cartridge heaters

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Electric cartridge heaters offer a swaged design for high watt density, high temperature, and long service life applications.  High performance custom designed cartridge heaters are critical to minimizing equipment downtime and maintenance costs. By utilizing our state-of-the-art design software and diverse engineering expertise, Durex Industries provides a wide range of custom cartridge heating element design and manufacturing capabilities.  We manufacture and design industrial cartridge heaters that can with stand high temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C).


Cartridge Heating Elements For Efficient Heat Transfer

Cartridge heaters feature a compact, swaged construction design that resists shock and vibration while providing highly efficient heat transfers and maximum heater element life. Whether for use in dies, platens, or molds, or for liquid immersion applications, cartridge heating elements are ideal solutions to provide pinpoint, high efficiency heating.


BRIGHT Heater cartridge heaters last up to 20 times longer than uncompacted heating elements. Durex also provides UL/cUL component recognition upon request, with additional design concepts that can be custom manufactured to meet your exact specifications.


Cartridge Heater Element Design Features & Benefits


BRIGHT Heater custom cartridge heating elements provide the following beneficial design features:


Nichrome 80-20 Resistance wire for long life, high temperature performance

Highly compacted unit provides high dielectric strength and excellent heat transfer

Standard diameters from 1/8” to 1” diameter sizes to fit virtually every application

Standard 304SS and Incoloy 840 Alloy sheaths available

Shock and vibration resistance

Internal thermocouple sensor available in most configurations


Electric Cartridge Heater Applications

Cartridge heaters offer superior heat transfer capabilities and are most frequently used for heating dies, platens, molds, and other metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. Industries that commonly use cartridge heaters include the medical industry, food manufacturing and production, packaging, and plastics molding. Direct applications include:


Liquid Immersion

Plastic Molds



Medical Equipment


Packaging Equipment

Hot Stamping


Injection Molding

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