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How to use and maintain cartridge heater?

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1. Special attention should be paid to the heating medium when selecting single-head tubes. It should have no corrosive effect on the single-head tube shell material.


2. In addition, the part of the wiring lead should be exposed to the heat insulation layer of the heater or outside the heater, so that this part should not be overheated and damaged. The heating part of the single-head tube should all be immersed in the heating medium to avoid undesirable heat dissipation and exceeding the allowable heating temperature to damage the single-head electric heating tube.


3. The input power supply voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage marked on the various single-head tubes. If it is applied to a voltage lower than the rated voltage, the heat generated by the single-head tube will also decrease.


4. The single-head tube terminal should be kept clean and dry. Otherwise, it will reduce the insulation performance and be short-circuited. If it is used in a chemically corrosive, flammable, explosive and other liquid or gas environment, the single-head electric heating tube should be connected. Part of it is strictly protected by insulating and sealing devices to prevent accidents.


5. When heating some viscose and other substances, such as sodium nitrate, stearic acid, paraffin, etc., the power supply voltage should be lowered at the beginning of heating to reduce the heat of the single-head tube. Rated voltage for heating.


6. The single-head tube has been used for a long time. If thick tube dirt and grease accumulate on the surface, it should be removed regularly, otherwise it will reduce the heat transfer performance of the single-head tube and cause the heat load on the surface of the tube to exceed the rated allowable and be damaged.


7. For the terminal of the single-head tube, use two nuts to tighten it relative to each other when wiring. Do not use too much force to avoid the loosening of the lead screw and damage the single-head tube.


8. The single-head tube should be stored in a dry warehouse. If the surface is damp due to long-term storage, a megohmmeter should be used to measure the insulation resistance. If it is less than 1 megohm/500 volts, the single-head electric heating tube should be placed in a 200 degree drying oven for drying.


9. The special single-head tube should be carefully read the relevant instructions before installation and use, so as not to damage it.

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