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What are the advantages of cartridge electric heating tube

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Application range:


1. Mold heating has been accepted by a wide range of customers in modern industrial applications.

2, in the plastic machinery heating system.

3. Pharmaceutical production line.

4. Laboratory heat treatment test.

5. Chemical industry, etc.




1. The diameter is small, which can be 3-35MM.


2. The length is not limited, it can be 20-2000MM.


3. The power is high, which is 2-5 times the power of the normal electric heating tube. It can be done (surface area 20 watts/cm 2 ), and it can even be done abroad (surface area 60 watts/cm 2 ).


4. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, easy installation, long service life, no pollution, low price, etc. At the same time, it saves electricity and is safe to use. It can be bent into various shapes, light and easy to disassemble and assemble. .




The typical structure of a single-head electric heating tube (the most popular structure) is the same as that of an electric heating tube, and generally consists of 5 parts: insulator, sealing material, lead-out rod, filler, heating wire, metal sheath, and terminal. The spiral heating wire and the lead-out help are located in the center of the metal sheath. Its manufacturing process is to insert the spiral heating wire into the seamless steel tube, copper tube or aluminum tube, and the gap is evenly filled by a multi-tube filling machine. Thermally conductive oxidizing medium, such as crystalline magnesium oxide powder (alumina or clean quartz sand can also be used). Then use a tube shrinking machine to shrink the diameter of the tube to make the oxide medium dense (density above 3.3g/cm3), to ensure that the heating wire is isolated from the air, and the center position does not deviate and touch the tube wall.

so. The calorific value per unit area can be increased tenfold. The service life can also be correspondingly increased to more than 10 years. Compared with the electric heating element with the same large heat, the tubular electric heating tube can save 5% of the electric heating material, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%.

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