The China's Leading Heating Element Manufacturer

The China's Leading Heating Element Manufacturer

China International Import EXPO 2018

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National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Laiyuan company produces heating elements: cartridge heater, tubular heater, immersion heater,finned heater,flange heater,flexible heater,heater tube,ceramic heater,bobbin heater,ceramic heater core,ceramic band heater,mica band heater,brass band heater,hot runner coil heater, nozzle heater,hot runner heater,coil heater,resistance wire,silicone rubber heater,drum heater,casting cooper heater,casting aluminium heater, casting iron heater,high temperature cable,quartz heater,tubothal heating element,SIC heater,MoSi2 heating element,thermal oil heater,air duct heater,oven heater,explosion-proof heater,circulation heater,PTC heating element,IBC heater,thermocouple,PT100,PT1000,pizza oven machine and so on.

2018年9月26日 15:11