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High temperature cartridge heater

Cartridge heaters are used largely used to heat liquid, solid or gas, the application in plastic industry is very wide, such as hot runner system,smallmould heating ,plastic package ,Medical equipment plastic ,plastic injection molding machine nozzle heating, Package and cartridge is also used in the cigarette industry, footwear industry, thermoforming machinery.

Description of SINTON cartridge heater :

Cartridge heaters are used largely used to heat liquid, solid or gas, the application in plastic industry is very wide, such as hot runner system,smallmould heating ,plastic package ,Medical equipment plastic ,plastic injection molding machine nozzle heating, Package and cartridge is also used in the cigarette industry, footwear industry, thermoforming machinery.

High-wattage cartridges belong to a new generation of electric heating elements; they make it possible to use high watt loads in small spaces, thus ensuring excellent reliability in heavy-duty work conditions. Their special construction technology makes them the most advanced type of heating elements. The entire length of the wire wound around a magnesium oxide core is in a faraway position from the axis of the cartridge, very close to the metal sheath, with a very thin and compressed insulating wall in between; this allows excellent heat exchange that allows a much lower temperature of the resistance wire than in other heaters in which the wire is in a deeper position. Besides the use of advanced technology and precise inspection techniques in their manufacturing, Ultramar cartridge heater owe their total reliability to the use of first-class material from the best sources in the market.

Datasheet of SINTON cartridge heater :

artridge covering: SUS304/SUS316L/Incoloy 800/Titanium etc.

Insulation: Compacted magnesium Oxide

Tube diameter: Φ3mm-Φ30mm

Heating conductor: NiCr8020 FeCrAl resistance wire

Voltage: 6V to 415v

Power density: Maxi 50W/CM2

Temperature resistance: 800 degree C

Diameter tolerance: 0mm to -0.02mm or as your requirement.

Length tolerance : +/- 5% , ≥ 1mm

Thermocouple: J type, K type etc

Lead Connection Option: Crimped or Swaged leads

Lead and type of connection leads, 10" Fiberglass Standard(Wire options:Teflon,silicone high temperature frberglass).